As we get older it can be hard to, not only keep up with old friendships, but also to create new ones that could be very beneficial to our overall health.

If you’re surprised to hear that social relationships can affect our physical health, then keep on reading to find out why!

Studies show that having healthy relationships with others makes us happy, and when we’re happy our brain tells our body that everything is going great.

Even if we’re super sore from an intense workout, or are a little bloated from indulging in some refined carbs!

But if you’re an adult with a full-time job and a family to take care of, it can be hard to stay social outside of your immediate surroundings.

Here are a few things you can do each and every day for more social interaction:

Send A Text To A Friend

If you have a phone full of contacts that you rarely hear from, why not be the bigger person and send out a quick ‘Hello, hope all is well with you’ text message? The person on the other end will probably be happy to hear from you, especially if they’re busy with their own life.

People are always looking to take a break, and what better way than with reconnecting with an old friend!

Introduce Yourself To Someone New

If you recently joined a gym and don’t know anyone, then pay attention to people you see at the same time as yourself.

Maybe you spot someone who looks friendly, or maybe there’s an instructor who seems pretty approachable. Introduce yourself and start a conversation. Who knows what could happen!

Wish Someone a Happy Birthday On Facebook

We see that notification light up every morning when we sign on:

‘It’s so and so’s birthday!’ Even if you’ve never met the person, because most of us have online friends we’ve never actually met, that shouldn’t stop you from wishing them well.

Just think about how happy you are whenever you get the notification that someone took time out of their day to do the same for you!

Sign Up For Another Social Media Account

Some people are only on Facebook, which is ideally suited for friends and family, but there’s a whole internet full of people who share some interests with you!

Websites like Pinterest encourage you to share creative ideas with other people, and sites like Twitter suggest you follow people based on your similar likes. Don’t be afraid of meeting someone new, even if it is just online!

Introduce Yourself To A Coworker

So many of us just show up to work, sign in, do our jobs and go home.

Maybe we’ve befriended a few people on the job, but for the most part we stick to ourselves. Why not get to know someone that you’ve seen a lot but never spoken with before? They could become your new best friend!

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